New album 2018!

The Classical Music Legacy of Japan

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Japan 2018

Rodrigo Rodriguez  recording classical Japanese music with his master Kohachiro Miyata, on 2018.

Concerts 2018

Rodrigo Rodriguez concert in New York, BBG Festival.


Concerts in USA

The World Flute Society convention 2016,Wisconsin Eau Claire.

upcoming concerts

8 April 2018 , Espacio Contemplación, Madrid

28 April 2018,Sakura Matsuri at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York, USA

29 April 2018, Sakura Matsuri at Brooklyn Botanic Garden New York , USA

10 may 2018, Casa de Asia , Madrid, Spain

8 June 2018, Veladas artísticas y medioambientales  Trarutan. La Alfranca Zaragoza.

9 June 2018, Veladas atísticas y Medioambientales  Trarutan, La Alfranca, Zaragoza.

15 June 2018, Veladas atísticas y Medioambientales  Trarutan, La Alfranca, Zaragoza.

16 June 2018, Veladas atísticas y Medioambientales Asociación Trarutan, La Alfranca, Zaragoza.

11 August, Ingaruración Diverso Vegano, Galicia Mos, Vigo Spain

7 september 2018, IV Festival Internacional de Música Mística y Teresiana., Ávila Spain

30 September 2018, Yado "Kanzan" Ryokan Gunma Prefecture, Japan

1 October 2018, Yado "Kanzan" Ryokan Gunma Prefecture, Japan


"The Road of Hasekura Tsunenaga (CD 2013): The emphasis is very much on the shakuhachi flute, sometimes in duo, only bolstered by harp in a couple of the more "Spanish" pieces. It is thus a depiction of this historical interaction from the Japanese perspective, including classical Honkyoku repertory, and indeed, Rodríguez is formally trained in shakuhachi of the Mu-Ryû school. Although the shakuhachi can be very austere, this is a fascinating album depicting a fascinating historical experience." — Todd Michel McComb ( 

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