New Single 2020!

FOR LUNA (Variations of Neptune)

"New work by the shakuhachi performer: For Luna (Variations of Neptune), in which the traditional Japanese flute and the electronic music of Les Silva transport us to outer space with immersive, suggestive sounds. A tribute from Rodrigo Rodríguez, to his daughter Luna" RTVE, Asia Hoy RNE

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Rodrigo Rodriguez  recording classical Japanese music with his master Kohachiro Miyata.

Concerts 2019

Rodrigo Rodriguez performing in the Ma-Cho Temple (Gem of Taoist) in the Philippines 2019. WATCH VIDEO!


SHakuhachi:THe ZEn flute

The sounds of the masters in one ancient musical piece, Kohachiro Miyata & Rodrigo Rodriguez recorded The Distant Call of the Deer (Shika no Toneh) The Distant Call of the Deer is one of the most famous and notable shakuhachi pieces in the Mu-Ryu musical lineage.The piece's special effects call for a particular kind of audible breathing in which the melodic line is never lost. WATCH IT HERE!

upcoming concerts

7 september 2018, IV Festival Internacional de Música Mística y Teresiana., Ávila Spain

30 September 2018, Yado "Kanzan" Ryokan Gunma Prefecture, Japan

1 October 2018, Yado "Kanzan" Ryokan Gunma Prefecture, Japan

24 January 2019, Museum of Pilgrimage and Santiago , Spain

6 April 2019, Fundación Centro de Poesía José Hierro, Madrid, Spain

25 May 2019, Centro Yoga Albahaca Valladolid, Spain

27, 28 September 2019, Ma-Cho Temple (Gem of Taoist), La Union The Philippines

15 November 2019, Librería Drial Zamora, Spain

13,14 January 2020 Botanical Garden San Fernando, The Philippines

20,21 January 2020 Church Bell Temple , Baguio City, The Philippiines

29, February 2020 Natures Healing Home Center, Bacsil The Philippines,


Rodrigo Rodríguez's new album (Shakuhachi: The Zen Flute, The Distant Call of the Deer), this time together with his teacher Kohachiro Miyata in the art of the Zen flute. It is called The distant call of the deer (Shika no Tone), a musical poem of extolling Nature., Spanish National Radio, Asia Hoy program, Eloy Ramos.

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